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Welcome to Hangzhou Huachen Fengting Hotel

Hangzhou HuaChenfengting Hotel is a boutique according to the five-star standard to build, set accommodation, catering, conference, leisure and entertainment as one of the four star international hotel. The hotel is located in the city of Wujiang River Road No. 333 (Qianjiang road and Wujiang River Road intersection), located in Qianjiang central core business district, from the beautiful West Lake is only 5 kilometers away from the city, adjacent to the bus station, train station train station 3 kilometers, 6 kilometers, Xiaoshan International Airport 22 kilometers, and more Hangzhou seamless subway (Metro Line 1 near the river station "exit C" that is), the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient, is a new benchmark for Qianjiang Metro Hotel. 
Hangzhou HuaChenfengting hotel has 172 rooms (sets) exquisite decoration, elegant atmosphere, warm and comfortable and luxurious rooms. To provide business rooms, executive rooms, warm women's room and other rooms to meet the needs of different guests. Panoramic rooms landing glass window design, bright and spacious vision, overlooking the Qiantang River scene. The use of intelligent central air conditioning, Wi-Fi signal full coverage, electronic intelligent induction door locks and other modern science and technology equipment, to bring you the ultimate living experience. Decoration free ballroom and attic Landscape Restaurant supplies rich, luxurious West cuisine, is your business with friends and family gatherings and wedding preferred. The hotel has advanced conference center, equipped with 10 different specifications of the professional meeting space, equipped with the first-class audio-visual system and professional team, to meet all your business needs. The hotel has a shopping center, gym, indoor swimming pool, chess room, beauty salon, complete facilities, is your business, leisure first choice. 
Welcome to Hangzhou Hua chen feng Ting Hotel Chenfeng, experience design and technology rooms carefully convenient, feel the hotel to bring you "enthusiasm and high quality services Guests feel at home.".